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My M3 has made a big difference in my game. I do not see a change in putters for a long time to come. THANK YOU.

-- Al F.
Jul. 03, 2011


Hi guys, I purchased a si2 SeeMore and I love it! Ive made more putts than ever before the confidence in knowing that when you line up your putt it will pretty much roll straight down the line you picked is a massive boost out on the course! The roll that you get off the club is so smooth and true, the only time you have a bad putt is from a bad stroke or a missread. I cant wait to get out there and knock in putts from anywhere on the green!

-- Andrew C.
Apr. 17, 2011


Not an official tester but was inspired by this thread to buy an Si3 (nickel finish) - received it Thursday night and have been wearing out my Big Moss since. I kept pretty careful stats on 7 foot putts this winter using a variety of putters (including a long putter). I averaged 84% of putts made in 50 putt blocks - have not been below 92% with the Seemore (and have had 96% over 100 putts). I attribute this in great part to being fitted (by phone) and realizing I had been playing putters far too short. With this 37' putter, setting up is a snap. The Si3 is great looking, feeling and I feel extremely confident over it. Unfortunately it will be several weeks before I use it on decent greens as we received more inches of snow last night and today.

-- aslxa
Dec. 01, 2011


sb1w mallet here. Best putter I've ever owned. I went to pga superstore one day a year ago and spent time with almost every putter in the place and picked the one that simply performed the best for me, and it happened to be a seemore.

-- ATL Golfer -
Nov. 08, 2011


My first real exposure to SeeMore was about six months ago while playing at Carolina National Golf Club. I was paired up with a couple that were members at the club and they (to say the least) proceeded to give me a few lessons in how to play golf. After noticing that the woman that I was playing with was taking me by at least a stroke a hole (always on the greens) – we talked at length about the love she had for her putter and how it made all of the difference for her. Guess what kind of putter she was using…

-- Ben (FreshGolfReviews)

I’m 59 and use the SeeMore FGP and my best round last year was a 72 (one over) at my home course, Martinsville Golf Club. If I could add my best two front & back 9’s, they would add to be 32 + 36 = 68. My 32 included hitting only three greens! I had only 9 putts and two of them lipped out or it would have been a 30 with seven putts. The one 20 footer I hit for my only regulation birdie during the round was the number 1 handicap hole. I did chip in two also. One of those however was with my Texas “SeeMore” wedge! My usual playing partner is the only golfer I’ve ever played with that has officially beaten an active PGA professional. He’s says I’m the best putter he’s ever seen. I don’t understand why all the guys don’t realize that it’s not all me. I used to putt with many other putters, but he’s never seen me putt with anything other than SeeMore. After the 32 front nine, he knows no other putter will ever get the chance.

-- Ben K.
Apr. 06, 2011


The experience and knowledge that come with the fitting the tools and the support is well worth it. I have talked to others besides Ted and everyone has the same great service. Pull the trigger. Go to a place like Golfsmith who sells SeeMore try it the Feel and the way the ball rolled was amazing. However I would say do the fitting for yourself and not grab one of the shelf. With the fitting everything you need and want will be in it and it will get you that personal commitment from them. Good Luck.

-- Bill C.
Apr. 17, 2011


The Si4 Is a really sweet blade.It is unique to some of the other SeeMore Putters as it has a Much smaller RST. However it really isnt a big deal.

-- Bill C.
Oct. 01, 2011


I normally do not write reviews, but it is so refreshing these days to meet people who go out of there way to provide great customer service and just are nice people. I went to the PGA SS today and got a great new putter, but had the opportunity to meet and talk with Chan Song. Chan is an extremely nice and knowledgeable individual and a great representative for your company. If anyone has the opportunity to attend one of Chan's events, I highly recommend you attend. Chan not only helped me pick out a putter, but also gave me a couple of great putting tips that I know will help me in the future. Thanks again Chan and best wishes with your golf game. Hope to see you on the Tour in the near future! Bill C.

-- Bill C.
Aug. 10, 2010


Gentlemen: Please permit to sing the praises of your SeeMore long putter. I am an avid golfer who took up this wonderful game up late in life after having been a long time tennis player. I am 70 years young, a high handicapper (20 plus) with some back issues and thus have always used the long putter. I am embarrased to say this but I just counted my long putters downstairs and there are 74-yikes! I often say, 'we live in hope'! Prior to going to Hilton Head for a month in March, I contacted you folks and ordered a 52' SB1 has been sensational! While there ( and I have witnesses to prove this), and on back to back holes, I sunk a 96 foot birdie putt from off the green and on the very next hole sank an 87 foot putt to save par (also from off the green). (I'm sure if I was a better chipper, I might not need to putt those!) My playing partners were fellow 'Creakers' from our our Treesdale club here in Pittsburgh and they went 'nuts' as you might expect. Then, last Friday I had 3 '2's' as I made birdies on 3 of our 4 par 3 holes , making putts of 51, 30 and 21 feet respectively. I'm not certain when my friends dubbed it 'The Magic Putter' but it sure seems like a good title for it. In fact, I liked the putter so much that I bought an identical one in order to be able to practice here at home and keep the first one at the club. Please forgive my lengthy comments but I thought you would like to hear from one VERY satisfied customer!..THANK YOU and keep up the great work!

-- Bill R.

The beauty of the RST and the SeeMore system, eye dominance is not a concern. If you address the ball, take your stance, and perform your stroke properly you will not have to worry about eye dominance.

-- blugold
Jun. 30, 2011


I am a believer of the RST. The RST makes one of the elements of putting a no brainer, alignment is one less thing to worry about. There are many SeeMore options, so you can find an option to suit your eye. Also, they are a fantastic company to work with. Easy to talk with and they excel in customer service. I doubt I will ever game another brand.

-- blugold
Sep. 02, 2011


Hello SeeMore: I'm extremely pleased to share with you that, with the help of my FGP original, I was able to break par for the fist time today. Thanks for a great product. I don't EVER see it leaving my bag! Bobby

-- Bobby B.

I love my m1. I have a visibly better putting game and have learned to not 'see red' when I putt anymore.?Thanks again for helping me become a better golfer. I am a proud member of the SeeMore family and I am sure to tell anyone out there how happy I am with your products and technology.

-- Brandon S.

I had a lot of trouble lining up putts with my old putters, so I would move on to the next one. Well, I think I have found my best friend. I purchased the Seemore because it is the only putter that is suppose to help this problem. And help it does. I found myself sinking a lot more 10 footers and even 20 footers. The last few times I have played, I averaged 25-28 putts per round. Before the Seemore it was easily 30-35.

-- C. S.

I wanted to take some time to thank you for immediately taking strokes off of my game. The SeeMore alignment makes it all too easy to line up a putt.?The last round that I played before the SeeMore arrived, I had 32 putts and shot 75. I played with the SeeMore putter the following day and shot a 68 with 28 putts. I again want to thank you for making putting a lot easier for me

-- Casey W.

I want to start by thanking you for introducing to me one of the best and most consistant perfoming putters I have ever used. I purchased the mFGP blade about a year and half ago through your site, ever since then I have watched incredible amounts of putts find the bottom of the cup.

-- Chad
Jul. 28, 2011


Received the Mseries One CS putter today, took it to the practice green, and I'm in love! For the 15ft and closer putts, I definitely see this new putter saving me some strokes. I feel like every time I can give it a run. This putter is certainly not as 'soft' as the white hot I previously used, but I'm thinking softness is overrated. With this putter, my distance control seemed to be a lot better than with my previous putter, plus I left no where near as many putts short. Overall, she''s a beaut Clark and I think this putter will help me save a few strokes each round!

-- Clop

I believe firmly in the SeeMore philosophy of putting. Your putters have resurrected my own game. I won many tournaments the past few years because of the SeeMore Putter. And I absolutely love to teach putting. After all, it is 35-40% of the game. I have my students use my SeeMore putter to help explain and teach them the fundamentals of putting. The SeeMore has exposed more problems with people's stroke and therefore improved results in so many ways. I teach them the fundamentals of setting up and holding the putter properly and then have them use my putter and always they make more putts and the ball rolls along the green so much better. There are so many gimmicks and training aids that are garbage. All they need is the proper set up and the SeeMore Putter and they are off and running. I have 3 sisters I am teaching right now. About 6 months ago the two older ones (12 and 14 yrs old) had no clue how to two putt let alone make a 6 footer down to missing one footers. I gave the oldest one the Zach Johnson putter I had as back up, and she broke 80 three times this summer. She has only been playing two years. That putter dropped 8 to 10 strokes off her score. A week later, the other two sisters went to our local golf shop and bought two. They love em.

-- Dave H., PGA Teaching Pro
Jul. 11, 2011


Hello,I purchased a seemore putter this past week end after looking at several different putters.I have to say I absolutely love it,its the best putter I have ever had.I love the look and feel of it,the best part is I am making a ton of putts.I got the SI 1 .I even got my brother in law interested who has always used a scotty cameron.He plans on buying one this week.

-- Dave P.
Jul. 25, 2011


Hey, Jim Well I got home today from work to find a SeeMore box at my front door, when I opened it my jaw DROPPED! Jim, you went WAY beyond anything I was expecting. I absolutley love them and the white cover with the red and blue trim is beautiful. I am speechless, you did way to much and I cant thank you enough for everything. I am a charter member and 6 year member of an open golf forum called If it is ok with you I would love to tell more people about my experence with you guys. You have a loyal customer in me for as long as I can swing a golf club, thanks so much and god bless. David C.

-- David C.
Jul. 16, 2011


just purchased an FGP Original direct - I went to the Golf Town in my area and they had quite an extensive selection of putters - I had always wanted to try a SeeMore FGP because of Payne and Zack - well I did try an FGP as well as other putters that day - WOW seeing, trying is believing - RST (RifleScope Technology) alignment really does makes a difference

-- Doc R.
Jul. 25, 2011


''ve played 3 rounds and practiced with my new FGP - I am definitely benefitting from the RST - it's nice to have this confidence right in front of your eyes...

-- Doc R.

Dear Jim, The positive personal and business approach with the SeeMore Putter Company under your direction is refreshing. We are surrounded by a lot of business concerns but with a positive approach, good business practices and building customer relationships, we have the opportunity to change the direction of the business of golf. Your team led by Greg Montgomery, our local sales representative Devon Newell and Pat O'Brien educating our members on putting and the SeeMore Putting system was an overwhelming hit. The members of our Section would not let Greg, Pat and Devon out of our meeting room, seeking more knowledge and then followed your team into the hallway to get fit for putters and seek more putting knowledge, WOW what a success. I have contacted Greg to discuss additional promotional ideas and I look forward to a continued personal and business relationship with the SeeMore Putter Company.

-- Dominic A., PGA

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! I cannot tell you how much we appreciate SeeMore!!!! Your customer service is wonderful!!! I cannot say enough nice things about it! SeeMore really is the best. Again...THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!!

-- Elaine A. (mother of US junior putting champion w/ an FGP blade putter)
Sep. 20, 2011


I finally got to roll my new SeeMore on the practice greens today. This thing is amazing. It so easy to be confident in your setup because it's so easy to check. The more upright posture is nice. Very happy with my purchase. Thanks guys for all the info.

-- Frank G.

I have had more putters than any other piece of equipment. But this SeeMore putter has given me confidence more than any other. There is no putt that I don't think I can't sink. When I miss its not through a bad stroke its because I’ve picked the wrong line. The putter goes where you aim it. No better compliment could be given.

-- Frank H.
Jul. 11, 2011


Jim: I received my new SeeMore putter about a month ago and wanted to give it a good work out before giving you my review. The putter has met all of my expectations and more. A fine golf tool. The balance and feel is excellent and I have seem a much better performance for me on the slick greens here at Gentle Creek. Have had a few threats from my partners that it could be broken. Thanks for helping me put it together and please give my thanks to your operational people for the fine workmanship, design, and looks of the club. Will try to send you some business. Thanks for your help. Gil A.

-- Gil A.

Over the la

st year I have toyed with getting a new putter and have messed about with plenty in the pro-shop before rounds. Every time I swung a few different ones the one that felt best was this ugly looking thing that was there for a year and no one bought it, the FGP bronze. I took pity on it the other day and bought it myself. It is a really great putter, its balance, weight and visual alignment system really force straight putting and it has definitely knocked stokes off my game. It works much better for me than the two ball Odyssey or any of the belly putters that I have tried

-- Gile S.

I purchased your DVD from the shop and went home to learn more. Your explanation about how the forearms can be misaligned and make it hard to release the club without manipulation really hit home. To my surprise, and probably not yours, that same section actually helped me understand the full swing grip in a new way. And in turn did as much for my full swing if not more then it did for my putter swing. I've had days where I hit the ball great, and knew it was from having lucked into getting my grip on the club in such a way that it felt 'right' and allowed me to swing back without my wrists breaking down in the backswing, and especially allowed my to release the club through effortlessly without either pulling through the handle through for an ugly block or flipping/scooping my right hand at the ball for an equally distasteful result. I've asked every golf instructor and pro shop owner I could find what was wrong with my grip and why it sometimes felt right and sometime felt crazy wrong. No one knew the answer, I even got some crazy looks like don't blame the grip guy your swing is just broke. Needless to say, your Grip section on the DVD was so simple and yet I think to date it's probably the best piece of golfing advice I've ever found. My full swing is back on pace and looking to finally be more consistent then ever, and my putting and chipping strokes are much more relaxed, accurate and effortless. Again, like I said probably not a surprise to you at all, but to me it's made the biggest difference ever. So for that - THANK YOU so much for the wonderful DVD and website, and for the great products Seemore are producing.

-- Greg M.
Dec. 17, 2011


Chan spent time with me today fitting a new bellyputter Si3. He couldn't have been nicer and helpful. Yet another reason why SeeMore is such an excellent company!!

-- Harris S.
Sep. 18, 2011


I had a chance to use this quite a bit over the weekend and I've been practicing on my mat. The nice thing about my mat is that it's sort of kidney shaped, so I can get some different angles. I struggled pretty bad with speed today, but I haven't played on greens that fast in a long time. I put a lot of balls past the hole. However, I was loving the RST. I think it's very cool that I don't have to worry about ball position and alignment. It's a non-issue with the RST. The sound of this putter is different than any I've owned. A bit high pitched with some deep undertones. It's very responsive in the hands and I'm instantly able to tell where I missed if I don't hit the center of the face.

-- Hawk
Apr. 09, 2011


You get it! Now all you have do is pick your line and trust your stroke. SeeMore takes the guesswork out of your set up and putter alignment with their RST. For me it really is Rifle Scope Technology. Now I aim, point, and shoot. Thank you SeeMore for making something about golf simpler.

-- highscorepinky
Nov. 18, 2011


So this spring I picked up a mFGP2 from another THP member thanks to this thread. Right away my scores improved. I then started watching some of the SeeMore videos and adopted a more upright stance. My putting again improved but my SeeMore was now too short for my new stance. I switched back to my previous putter at the end of the season to fit my new stance and my scores slowly declined. Following Damaikis progress with is belly and wanting to give this a try myself, I sent a quick e-mail to SeeMore to see if turning my current SeeMore into a belly was possible or if I was better off just extending it to a more comfortable yet conventional length. Less than 10 minutes later I got an e-mail back from the CEO saying not only will they re-shaft this as a belly putter but they will add headweight to ensure it is properly balanced. The cost for this very custom service is only $75 and that includes return shipping! I will post before and after pictures and keep eveyone updated. I know it has been talked about before but it appears that SeeMore's customer service can't be beat. Thanks to all the formal and informal testers who contributed to this thread as I shot personal bests scores this year and SeeMore had a ton to do with it.

-- Howzat - THP member
Apr. 04, 2011


RST and SeeMore is about alignment and getting people in the proper position to make more putts.

-- JB
Jun. 30, 2011


Pat O'Brien knows putting. That is why he teaches quite a few PGA Tour pros. His videos on THP are awesome with him talking about putting. RST helps me know. Its like security. I have the option to play just about any putter (lord knows I have a couple or 3), but this one just works for me so well. Even when I switch, I always come back to something with RST with in a couple of months.

-- JB
Sep. 15, 2011


Hi John, Busy busy weeks. I wanted to drop you a quick line, while I had a chance, to tell you that I received my custom 48+' milled FGP a couple weeks ago, and it's a winner. I've collected more money than I've paid out with it, so it must be doing something right - and it's one sharp looking club. All the regular characters I play with are asking me about it and getting the story of you and your bosses' service in it's creation. You're getting some serious mileage up here, from my cohorts and superiors (I work in the leisure/entertainment industry here in Victoria) to the pros and shop staff I've all told about it, no one can believe your level of service. Hopefully we'll float some business your way on the heels of this. In the mean time, it's a heck of a mean putter.

-- Jeese R.
Aug. 04, 2011


Jason, Great putter. I received on Monday and used last night in golf league. From 3-5 ft. I normally miss up to 2-3 from that distance per round. I know I was probably concentrating more but didn't come close to missing from that distance. What surprised me even more was how good the putter was at lagging putts. It took me like 5 putts to get used to the insert on the practice putting green. You will probably be getting some more orders from the guys I play with. They know my woes with the putter and they were in shock at how well I putted, plus they really like the look of the putter. This is truly a great product. I look forward to keep on using and to keep improving. What I truly love about the putter is this simple fact. I now know that if I miss a putt it is a bad read or speed but I know as long as I don't see the red dot, I am properly aligned (priceless on those 3-5 foot putts). That takes a variable out of the equation so now I can just focus on reads and speed. (tough enough) Sorry to be long winded but I figured you would want the feedback. Take Care, Jeff H

-- Jeff H.
Aug. 16, 2011


John, Thank you so much for the putter fitting last Friday. The new putter arrived this afternoon and I love it. I'm getting more comfortable with the basics you taught me-grip,posture,alignment and using the arc. I also want to thank you for extending the shaft in my M3, the additional putter covers and the hat, I love them all. I've told several friends what an awesome experience the putter fitting process is and hopefully I can send some new customers your way. You are extremely professional and courteous and I look forward to working with you in the future!

-- Jeff T.

I've always been a fan of the Seemore product due to the fact that I'm a long time fan of Payne Stewart. Notice no past tense. I am still a fan of Payne's and will always be. I have several framed photos in my home of Payne along with my Hogan collection. I'm emailing you simply to say thank you. You, as you're well aware have never met me nor have we talked on the phone, but you would be amazed how much you've helped both my putting and therefore my student's putting. Well, you're probably not amazed because by now you're probably used to these kinds of emails. Especially after the '07 Masters! I have believed since day one, back in '97, that most people will benefit from the SeeMore system regardless of age or handicap. Needless to say I started letting our members take them out and demo them. They all love putting again! What a system! No pun intended. Everybody wins.? I jokingly say, 'Teach a golfer to putt better and it's like feeding a stray cat, they never leave you.'? Anyway thanks for all you do for both SeeMore and for the students of this wonderful game.

-- Jeremy B. (PGA teaching professional)

I bought a SeeMore FGP putter some years ago ..... as no one had heard of then In Northern Ireland. It is the one club I would never sell and I am arguably the best putter at my club. In winter it is very slightly on the light side. I could add lead tape but I would prefer to purchase an other. I love centre shaft and hope you could advise.

-- Jim D.

This putter is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've used it for 4 months, and have not missed but 2 putts under 5 feet (misread) you need to buy this.

-- Jim F.
Jul. 05, 2011

Jim, I played 18 holes at a fantastic local course. I had the best day putting, ever. I shot a 95, which is fantastic for me. I had 28 putts. I cannot express how happy I am with my putter. I feel like every putt is makeable. Joe

-- Joe J.
Jul. 15, 2011


'4 one putts last night over 9 holes using the stainless steel DB-4. I feel bad putting so little, I want to use the DB-4 more.'

-- Joe J.
Feb. 11, 2012


My Seemore story. I have been looking at putters for about a year. I do not change putters often and take a lot of time testing prior to buying. In the past year I have not found 1 putter I felt was worthy to buy. I was about to give up and settle for a backstryke dart (best putter I tested), when I came across this site. All of the feedback about working with Seemore I decided to give them a shot. So, I emailed them with all of my relevant data. Jim Gunderberg replied back within 1/2 an hour. After a few more e-mails and a phone call I did what I thought I would never do. I bought a putter online without demoing it. I received the Fgp2 a few days ago and I am thrilled. The length is right. The weight is great (345 grams). Most importantly the hide the red dot really works for me. I am getting into the correct position and then putting just seems natural. I know now that I was not in the right position before and was manipulating my putter stroke. I am thrilled with my Seemore and highly reccomend buying directly from Seemore. John

-- John J (the Hackers Paradise Forum)

I started using one of your SeeMore putters about 3 weeks ago and it has helped me greatly, finishing 7th twice and shot 65 in the first round in this week event. So to say the least I have falling in love with the putter.

-- Jordan D. (Hooters PGA Tour Professional)
Jan. 24, 2012


Just a quick note of thanks Si1 ordered direct on the Friday Made and sent on the Monday Delivered to me in Sydney on Friday! Amazing customer service, fabulous product, very happy customer. Well done tean SeeMore!

-- Justin G
Aug. 20, 2011


Hey Jason how’s it going at SeeMore. Aadded an M5 to the bag as well. Once golfers put one in their hand they won’t use anything else. Have talked 3 buddies into putting down their Cameron, Odyssey and Ping. These flatsticks are the best I’ve used in 30 years of golfing. Kevin J

-- Kevin J.
Aug. 20, 2011


Hey Jason how’s it going at SeeMore. Aadded an M5 to the bag as well. Once golfers put one in their hand they won’t use anything else. Have talked 3 buddies into putting down their Cameron, Odyssey and Ping. These flatsticks are the best I’ve used in 30 years of golfing. Kevin J

-- Kevin J.

I just wanted to say thank you to the staff at SeeMore, and to AC Agee for helping me on Tuesday 21st. She gave me a few good tips with my putting, and I have put those tips to use today. AC Agee took her time, listened to what I had to say, and was very encouraging. I do have a small problem though, it seems the white thread on the bottom of the cover is coming undone ..... what can we do about that? Again, I would like to say thank you.

-- Kevin R.

I just wanted to tell you how much I love my new seemore putter. I never thought I would be saying that a new putter could be directly responsible for shaving strokes - but frankly it is. I'm putting with so much more confidence and accuracy its uncanny. Should you ever make a left handed PR putter - well I would give it serious consideration. (mFGP2)

-- Kriss W.
Jun. 29, 2011

Chris, Thank you

for all the help Monday evening. I worked on it both Tuesday and today after work at Pleasant Valley. Although I am still a work in progress, I see great hope for this technique. The Si3 putter is feeling even better with this technique. My biggest problem is my back getting sore. Don't know if it is the new system, an incorrect set up, or my age. I will give you a call next week to try out your putter track. Thanks again, Kurt

-- Kurt (student from SPi Instructor Chris Deibel)
Sep. 06, 2011


I purchased a FGP a month ago after losing my old 8 year old trusty callaway tour blue. Tested the seemore FGP with Jim when he was at Akron and bought one. It is the most amazing putter I have used for a long time. It is very easy to line up with the ball and I have been sinking a lot more putts over 10 foot after the switch. I broke my personal best score of 75 and for the first time shot 1 under 71 for the first time in my life thanks to the seemore putter. Thank you! this is a keeper.

-- Kurt C.
Apr. 11, 2011


Same here, while I didn't get my seemore yet, I've been practicing Pat O'Brien's teachings and it does feel weird at first. It's very different from my previous method (which looked a lot like Phil Mickelson with the forward press and bent over stance), I can see the RST and a more upright posture promoting a lot more consistency in my putting which is a bit of a problem.

-- lcsmrtin
Aug. 17, 2011


I was about an 8 before my Seemore and now have it down to 6.4, I even shot 75 to be one shot off the lead after the first round of my club championship this past weekend and it was due to some clutch putting. I made a few long putts for par and my playing partners kept saying how well I was putting. Never have I considered myself a good putter before now.

-- Lee M.

I love this SeeMore putter. I have had it 5 years. It is the only thing in my bag I have never replaced! It has really helped my pitiful game a lot.

-- Linn M.
Jul. 03, 2011


Nice review of the Black Carbon m5x CS -

-- Mark B.

My putter is getting admiring glances from other golfers at my club and one lady member tried it out and told me she just has to have one of those putters with the 'rifle scope technology'. My wife who uses the m1w won a board competition at our club on Sunday and absolutely loves it, I bought it for myself but after I foolishly let her try it she wrestled it off me - I won't let her try the SB1!!!

-- Martin

Fifteen minutes, that’s all it took to change my entire outlook. Just fifteen minutes. I decided to test virtually every putter currently on the market. After swinging several brands, Will, one of the many fine sales people, suggested that I try a SeeMore putter. Once I made a few strokes with the “milled” Black face, I was sold. The putter felt as if it was an extension of my arm. Putting on store carpet was certainly not a true indication, so after paying for this beauty, I was off to practice my stroke, on my home course. The putter changed my course. Besides my lag putts being dead on, I made three birdie putts, one from 6 feet, and the other two from outside 20 feet. My faith in golf has returned. I want to thank you for your research and for creating one of the easiest, but also most accurate putter I have ever used. No question, this putter leads the market.

-- Marvin L.
Jun. 30, 2011


Played my first full 18 yesterday after work since the 2011 THP Outing and came home birdie, birdie, birdie, birdie including dropping a 27' putt with two breaks! I didn't 3 putt anything (my triple on the par 4 7th hole was because of a water ball and failed out of fairway bunker, a total waste of a one putt). Now if I could only get my first two shots playing as well as my last few shots and putts... It is all because of the confidence I feel when I step behind my SeeMore Si-3 and the putting technique change I've made as a tester of the SeeMore putters. I feel like I can MAKE EVERYTHING. I step up behind the ball and say to myself, this is going in the cup and even if it doesn't, is is so close that it is a no brainer inside 2'. Another side effect of this confidence on the putting surface is I LOVE to practice putting. I spend at least 30 minutes every practice session on the putting green doing drills and practicing things I notice I need to get better at (uphill putt speed, putts from above cup at 2 O'clock and 10 O'clock). This is falling over into my short game practice too because I'm having so much fun on the green, I've been working on my 60yd and in game to put my ball on the green in position to be able to have fun putting. I even am enjoying practicing in the bunkers to put my ball in a place to go for broke with the putter (and if you know me, you know how bunkers and I get along...) Thanks Ted and the wonderful folks at SeeMore! You have completely changed the way I look at playing golf. It is no longer about driving the ball and watching the ball fly, it is all about watching the ball roll into the cup. Thanks THP for giving the opportunity to be on the SeeMore testing group.

-- Mary C.

Hi Ted -- I just wanted to give you an update since our putting fitting session. I have been putting better and better, both my line and speed have been spot on the majority of the time. It seems to be so much easier to see the line and keep the ball on that line in a way that I've never done before. This weekend at my club we had a mock Ryder Cup, and over the two days I couldn't keep track of how many dropped. On the first day I made 2 clutch putts to win the holes and finish our match 1 up and today I literally lipped out two lag putts on the first 4 holes that were combined 100+ feet, which unfortunately for my opponents was thoroughly demoralizing. I have a new found confidence in my putting and a rejuvenated love for the game based on my advancements. It's also safe to say based on the quality of the SeeMore and the tremendous service I'll be a customer indefinitely, potentially looking into the Stainless FGP as a backup in the offseason. I used to hear people say at the club 'man, he can hit it but only if he could putt', now they just shake their heads and say 'nobody could've beaten him.'

-- Matt S
Apr. 15, 2011


My success came when I followed the SeeMore fundamentals that Pat O'Brien teaches. My failures came when I used my hands and arms to swing the putter and could immediately feel that I messed up the stroke. In those cases, I either pushed or left the putt short. I use a line for alignment on my ball that points at where I want the putt to go. That along with the line on the putter, I had great confidence when standing over my putts. Overall, it was a great first outing and I am very, very excited about what the future holds with this putter. I can't wait to get on some greens in good shape! It is going to be a fun year!!! Thanks again to SeeMore for the testing opportunity!! Had my SeeMore hat on yesterday and after draining putts on several holes in a row, I was describing the putter and RST technology to another single that I was paired with! :-)

-- mcook
Jun. 30, 2011


It is a combination of the Rifle Scope Technology (which is proprietary to SeeMore I believe) combined with the teachings of Pat O'Brien (SeeMore instructor). With the RST and the correct posture, setup, etc I KNOW when I am square to the ball and it is only a matter of if I got the correct read and if my distance control is where it should be. Using the RST eliminates so much guess work out of the putting equation for me and is working very well right now.

-- mcook
Jul. 16, 2011

Hey John, I hope all is well with you. So far I am loving my Seemore S1 putter. I am spreading the love in Canada so hopefully you see Canadian orders soon. I actually golfed with someone last week and after he used my putter on a couple of putts he went to his local Golftown and bought the same one.

-- Michael M.

My FGP Bronze putter is great, you will sink everything from nine feet on in. You will sink twice as many puts! If you have ever missed a three foot put this putter is worth trying, I took my scotty cameron out for this putter, so in my mind it has to be somewhat decent for me to do that.

-- Mike H.
Jul. 20, 2011


I'm the assistsant golf professional in fl. I've been using the left handed SI1 for the past year and a half and absolutly love it, so much that all my students now own see mores as well. I still compete in about 25 tournaments per year and know that my see more putter has been huge for my putting confidence. I'd also like to learn more about how to make my students better using the see more putter. Thank you very much

-- Mike L. - Teaching Professional
Jul. 15, 2011


Hey guys I don’t know if you remember me but over the years you have helped me so much. First with refurbishing my original Seemore putter(POA) and most recently with my M3W. (maybe 2 or 3 years ago) The head fell off and you guys got me a new one in 1 day. Talk about customer service!!! And I won my club championship 2010) (2011 tournament this weekend) Well anyway as of today my index is 9.2!!!! I will be 65 in October and I say WOW. And we all know you drive for show but putt for dough. Thank you Seemore for helping my realize my dream come true(single number index).(first time ever) Zach Johnson and I love you !!!!:)JJ I probably love you more!!!!

-- Nancy B.
Sep. 02, 2011


Jim: Shot 69 at Windtree Wed.......great for me. Its all about the putter! It is really starting to pay off. Have a great Labor Day Weekend! Neil C.

-- Neil C.

I just qualified for the 2008 Public Links and had 27 and 25 putts with the new mSeries SeeMore putter.

-- Nick N.
Jul. 27, 2011


Seemore has impeccable customer service. They just know how to treat their customers, and always seem to go above and beyond what they have to in order to give their customers a positive experience. For example, one time, out of the blue, a box showed up at my house with a cool Seemore hat and a letter from the owner thanking me for my loyalty. And every time I've ordered a putter, they've literally built it and shipped it within 24 hours. Amazing.

-- Patrick W.
Jun. 23, 2011


i purchased a Si2 during the week and had my first round with it on the weekend. i have to say this is the best putter i have ever used (been playing 25 years). I currently have a ping, rife and scotty cameron at home but the quality of this club is far better. i dont normally write to manufacturers but i felt i had to on this occasion. well done on making the best feeling putter ever, the grip, shaft and the alignment aid are just quality. Cheers Paul

-- Paul

In contrast to its shapely siblings in the mSeries, the mFGP strikes a more industrial profile that is true to its FGP roots. The heel and toe squared off, and the cavity has an old school look-just like the original FGP. At the same time, this putter just oozes the aura of quality that distinguishes the entire mSeries, with a classy black satin finish, fine milling marks on the face and elegant stamping on the sole. To me, there is nothing sweeter than finely milled, high-quality steel that meets the ball with a sensual balance of firmness and suppleness, bringing music to the ears and magic to the hands. Like its sibling m1 blade, the mFGP delivers this beautiful sensation, but with a slightly softer touch.


You will not find another putter in the price range of this one used by as many PGA tour pros, and all of them in the first places putting rankings and would want another putter used by the pros that is exactly the same for at least... 15 YEARS! (Payne Stewart won the 1991 US Open and Zack Johnson the 2007 Masters) If Callaway or Ping made it they'd sold millions.

-- Rob D.
Jul. 31, 2011


Thank you See-More!!! Sank 3 long birdie putts on the 14th, 17th, and 18th holes en route to a 73 on the final day of the US Kids Teen World Championships at Pine Needles Golf Club in Pinehurst, NC yesterday. She was the 6th highest finishing American and 14th overall which secures an automatic exemption into next years World Championships. Her putting has drastically improved with the See-More and we couldn't be more pleased!!

-- Rob R.
Aug. 18, 2011

Here is my story, I started using belly putters 7 years ago due to back issues. I have tried just about all the other major brands, you name it. I purchased an SB2 Belly a few weeks ago and want to tell you this is by far the best putter I have ever used, bar none. What an extremely well made product, it is obvious that you guys do not cut corners.The club is solid as a rock. The feel at contact is like no other. The alignment aid takes away the guess work. You should be proud to be making such a fine product here in America, home of the best craftsmen in the world. Best, Ron C.

-- Ron C.
Apr. 11, 2011


On the putting green: We have two putting greens at our course, one with lots of slope and one that is fairly flat, I choose the one with lots of slope. The greens are sort of fast in comparison to other courses around town. I’m not sure what they would be on the meter but I’m guessing maybe a 10 or more. I marked up two balls with alignment rings and two without and started putting. Now I know you’re going to think I’m giving you some fairytale story, but the first putt I hit was about a 20 footer, with very little break, dead into the cup. I just sat there and said NO WAY.. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I was in shock. The next putt rolled up to the edge the next two were within 4”. I was amazed. You could have knocked me over with a feather . The ball just seemed to roll so true and straight I could not believe it. It was like I put so little effort into getting the ball started, I was able to hold my line even on long putts. Putts that I thought would never make it to the hole just kept rolling out and went further than I thought they would. But it was not like I hit them too far. It was crazy. Maybe it was because I was really concentrating on my stroke and ball position but I was making putts from all over the place. I made three putts from over 30 feet. I never do that. I lagged putts close and when I didn’t I made 6 footers no problem. I thought it’s just one of those days, no way can it be just the putter, but I was so confident with it, that on putts with break I just putted them right into the hole and took out a lot of the break. I was not just dribbling them into the cup, I was ramming them into the back. The roll with this putter just seems phenomenal, very different then my previous putters. It gets the ball going end over end very easy and not scooting with backspin on long putts. I did hit some putts where my stroke was too up on the ball and I could see it get some backspin prior to rolling forward but that was my fault. I also missed some putts where I could feel myself push the ball but overall it was amazing.

-- rrpruett

All the reviews focus on the alignment aid advantages or problems. I do not pay any attention to the alignment aid, but this is by far the best putter I’ve tried. No surprise why, players like Zack Johnson, with big contracts with other brands uses these putters. Great feel, very reliable under pressure.

-- Ryan P.

We met at the Barclays and had a discussion about your putters at the practice range. About a week later, I went to Golf Galaxy and tried it. Needless to say, I loved it and bought it. The other day ,one of golfing buddies commented, 'Wow! That putter has really improved your putting'. Thanks for taking the time to talk with me, and for making a great product.

-- Sam D.
Jun. 07, 2011


I will thanks for the vote of confidence. I'm watching the DVD again now.

-- Sam H.

I've been golfing for about 3 years now. The first 2 years I spent trying to master the straight back straight through putter stroke/joke. The last year I've been trying to learn how to put with an arc without manipulating the putter either back or through in the stroke. A few months ago someone on the Jim Hardy golf forums posted your blog and I decided to take a look. Needless to say almost overnight I felt like putting really could be an easy thing and fun task. Just as exciting yesterday I had my first opportunity to try out a SeeMore putter, and couldn't believe it. 2 practice swings and 1 stroke later I was putting as well if not better, then I ever had, it was just so easy to set up correctly and trust it.

-- Satisfied Customer
Apr. 19, 2010


Took the new putter out Saturday – had my best day putting in YEARS. Three putted once (coming down a steep hill and missed a straight forward one coming back uphill). Hit a few 12-15 footers, and never had a second putt of more than 2 feet. I am a convert and will tell everyone I know they should change to a SeeMore

-- Scott

I have been having a hard time putting over the last year. I tried Scotty Cameron, TaylorMade, White Hot Two Ball, and Callaway Blue Tour. So I decided to try out the SeeMore putter. The first time out I went out and played 9 holes and shot a 37. I sunk putts like I knew what I was doing I didn’t miss not one short putt like I normally do. Cannot say enough but I cannot wait till my next round. If this keeps?up I can honestly say it is the best club.

-- Scott D.

Allow me a moment to introduce myself; my name is Scott J, and I am the PGA Head Golf Professional in Marietta, GA; 20 minutes north of Atlanta. I have been playing golf since I was knee high; thanks to a father who is now a PGA Member of 25+ years. Therefore, I have seen a lot of technology come and go in that time, some good and some bad. In regards to the SeeMore putter I have to say, and am sure you all hear this often, this is the best putter I have ever tried. I was playing with a group of members last week and was playing quite well until I got to the green. On the front 9 I used my 'trusty' putter I have had in the bag for the past 2 years. As we were walking off the 9th green, one of the members turned to me and said, do you know if you had made any putts, you would have been 4 or 5 under? Nice comment to hear right? So as we got in our carts, he said he needed to run to his car, but would meet us on 10. As we arrived at the 10th tee, he handed me a putter; which turned out to be an mFGP Platinum. I have to say the putting experience on the back 9 was a dramatic change from the front. I hit all 9 greens, and shot 30 on the back 9! I am very excited about my putting since I started playing the mFGP and have not had a round in the last week where my putts have not at least had a chance to go in the cup! What a great feeling.

-- Scott J.
Sep. 20, 2011


I wanted to say thanks to all the testers for the work put in since this testing started and to SeeMore for their customer service which is on a level I've never seen before. After reading all 89 pages of this thread and seeing SeeMore chime in to help and give tips and sometimes just a 'good game butt tap' I pulled the trigger and ordered a M8 today. You people testing got a great product, but you've definitely put your time in and this has been my favorite testing thread on THP by far.

-- Sooner21
Apr. 02, 2011


Being a teacher myself (though not of golf) I LOVE the methodology and thought process. EVERYONE of course shoots for consistency, this putter forces and reinforces it. That way you know what you do wrong and can correct and or fix it yourself. I love this approach and I'm extremely excited to put it in play.

-- spaceman_spiff

I used a high price scotty cameron before I switched to this putter. I can honestly say that I doubt I will ever switch back to my old putter. I practiced with this putter for a week and then won my next junior golf tournament with a score of 66.

-- Steve J.

Thanks to everyone at SeeMore. Last year I made the switch to the M1 and have not been able to find anything that performs nearly as well. Normally I would switch putters at least 3 or 4 times per year, but since putting the M1 in my bag have found no reason to switch. The alignment aid and RST system gives me complete confidence when putting. It will be in the bag for a long time. I can’t wait to see what SeeMore will offer next.

-- Steve S.

I am very happy with my SeeMore putter and I like how square the face sets up and the feel of the ball coming off the putter face. My brother, Trent, is actually using the putter that you gave me at the Open. He switched from his Scotty Cameron and loves the SeeMore. He said he is making a lot more putts especially inside of 6 feet. All in all we are both happy with the putters and are both putting better with the SeeMore putters. Thanks for everything and I am looking forward to seeing ya'll and making more putts in the future!

-- Taylor L. (tour player)
Jul. 20, 2011


Over the weekend I became 'That Guy' in a good way, lol. It was sort of odd for me, but during a two day scramble and after about four holes in, the guy's on my team pushed me to the back of the line to putt last. At first I was a bit puzzled by it and after a while I commented 'Hey, want me to show you guys the line'? and one of them say's hell no, your our best putter, you go last. This is sort of odd even posting because it comes out as a brag, but I've never been the last to putt, lol. Talk about pressure when you have a slippery 6 footer that you really need and everyone else missed. I made several crucial putts including the 12 foot down hill slidder on #18 to put us in the money. I have to say that prior to my Si3 and this testing that putt would have been a shot in the dark to say the least. I also would have putted from the middle of the pack. Thanks SeeMore!

-- thedue - 'That Guy'
Dec. 02, 2011


Pros: Great Feel, RST Alignment Aid, Good Feedback This review is for the Milled Version of the famous FGP Putter that Payne Stewart used to win the 1999 US Open, and Zach Johnson used to win the 2007 Masters - they both used the cast version to win. I prefer the milled version as it has additional weight at 340g and the milling may grab the ball more quickly for roll. At address, this blade is all black -- it's a high quality black oxide that does not wear easily. You've got one white center aim line. The putter is a fairly simple blade with no offset and center shafted. The RST Rifle Scope System with the red dot and parallel white lines, is a great aid. When the red dot is hidden at address, you are more likely to be set up in a neutral position with the correct loft and you are set up square to your aim line. The feel off the blade is soft and sweet. It is neither heavy nor light -- it's just right. To Continue - click link -

Apr. 02, 2011


It all comes down to making more putts consistently and SeeMore is different than all the other companies out there, they have a methodology to position your grip, posture, stance and alignment that makes you return to the same position every time over and over.

-- the_due
Apr. 01, 2011


Thanks Paulo. It is a beauty isn't it? Ted actually mentioned that I will more than likely, (depending on my current putting style), be a bit uncomfortable with the new putter and stance. On top of that, it will be my first straight shafted putter. I am definetely going to have an adjustment period, but Ted assured me after a couple hours and a round or two, my muscle memory will take over. If I embrace what SeeMore tells me, I will be confident and making great putting strokes more regularly. This could be a game changer for me. I love the principles SeeMore stands upon, and the customer service makes me feel like I have my own putting coach. I know I have said this in my earlier post, but I think it needs to be said again: SeeMore has this level of customer service for each and every person who purchases one of their products. It is awesome!

-- tomahawk
Aug. 18, 2011


I think you made solid choice. I have dropped nearly 2 strokes on my putting since changing to the SeeMore Si3... from just over 32 to 30.4. Oddly enough, my handicap has dropped about the same. Needless to say, I am very happy!

-- tomahawk

Aside from the fact that this club helped to win the 2007 Masters, and aside from the benefits of SeeMore's Riflescope Technology, this putter oozes confidence! I picked it up at a local Golf Mart after trying about 8 - 10 other name brand putters. What a difference! In my opinion based on the number of puts I've made from various distances, this is the best putter I've tried. I even went back and compared it to more other brands of all price ranges. And it started by simply feeling right in my hands. Bravo SeeMore!

-- Vladimir G.
Dec. 05, 2011


29 putts today! No 3 putts and kept my misses small! Drained a couple long ones today (one for a birdie). Working with the SeeMore has made putting fun for me, I love it now. 10 feet and in, I feel that I am going to make every single one. Having confidence in your putter is a good thing to have!

-- W.E. -
Dec. 16, 2011


Welcome to the world of SeeMore berty! I read through this thread and saw people talking about putting being 'fun' for them again, and it's true. Working with the SeeMore has made putting fun, love walking up to the green with the SeeMore.

-- W.E. -

I bought your mFGP mSeries Putter and it has cut 7 strokes a round off of my score. I have had 3 or 4 putters in the last two years but by far Seemore is the best. A friend of my told me about your putter and I finally went and bought one and it has been well worth the cost. Just wanted to thank you...

-- Wes P.
Jul. 04, 2011


To Everyone at SeeMore: If you get tired or reading my story please skip to the last couple of paragraphs before sending this E mail to the trash. I am 68 years old and a 7 handicap. I live on a golf course. I was never what I consider to be a good putter, but eight years ago my short putting had gotten so bad that I all but quit playing. Over the years I had tried many different putters always leaning toward those that emphasized alignment systems. Anyway, I had mentioned to my wife that I was intrigued by the alignment system of the SeeMore putter, but there was no way I was spending $125. Fearing that I was becoming suicidal she bought me the SeeMore for Father's Day. It came with the a video tape and the fancy alignment system, the plastic triangle and the length of cord. I told her it was a waste of money and I planned on returning it, but I watched the video tape, took the plastic triangle and string to the practice green and discovered a putting stroke. I watched short put after short putt roll into the cup. Instead of worrying about the putt I focused on keeping the red dot covered on my practice stroke and then repeated that exact stroke as best I could. A month later I gave a dozen putters to the First Tee. Sometimes I have let the SeeMore putter down but the SeeMore has never let me down. If I miss a few putts all I have to do is focus hard on keeping that red dot covered and the short putts begin to drop again. Over the years it occurred to me that the major advantage of the SeeMore is the instant feedback it gives golfer. Cover the Red Dot. Putter in the middle of your stance. Take the club back and follow it with your eyes, not your head, and make a practice swing keeping the Red Dot covered through the entire stroke. If you choose the right line and the right speed the ball will go where you aim it. Yes I know you guys know all this, but has it dawned on you guys that the SeeMore makes technique irrelevant! Rock your shoulders, wrist putt, left hand low, split grip, claw grip, it does not matter, the physics of the stroke remains the same. Deliver the club head squarely behind the ball and the ball will go where you aim it. The SeeMore is the only putter that allows you to repeat the putter stroke over and over and over regardless of the technique or lack of technique, because you get instant feedback by covering the Red Dot. Without the SeeMore system a golfers putting stroke can drift fractionally off from what the golfer is trying to do and he will not know it. All he will know is that something is wrong. Being curious I have actually tried in practice, every putting style I can think of with the SeeMore. It makes no difference how I make the stroke, if the Red Dot is covered through the stroke and the ball is hit on the line I chalked on the practice green a four foot putt will go in the hole. So why I am sending you guys this E mail? Well, I have the time and I am a Sergio Garcia fan. You do not know how many times I have said to myself, ' if I had a few hours I could teach Sergio how to never miss those short putts. So...........Why don't you guys at SeeMore contact Mr. Garcia. If you have to, pay him $25,000 or whatever to take a few lessons on how to use the SeeMore putting system. If the system made me a competent putter it should make Mr. Garcia, a man with fantastic eye hand coordination, a great putter. Teach Mr. Garcia to putt and you will sell a million SeeMores. Sincerely yours Yale E.

-- Yale E.


SeeMore stands 100% behind our putters with the best customer service in the industry.
Any putter purchased direct from SeeMore on this online store is 100% guaranteed.

More importantly, anyone purchasing a SeeMore putter from SeeMore or any of our authorized retail partners will find a company standing firmly behind its products and their performance.
You will become part of our extended family of passionate players who love to roll the rock and cherish the lifelong pursuit of an improved putting game.

Anyone owning a SeeMore putter may contact the company at any time with any questions about their putting, their putting stroke, or their passion for the product.
We welcome this dialogue! We stand behind our product.

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