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Pat OBrien on Putting (DVD) - $29.95

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 Pat OBrien on Putting (DVD)
 In this new video Pat gives you the same putting lessons that he gives Zach, Vaughn, and a host of other tour players and club players in a series of very personal, comfortable, and easy to follow segments on grip, posture, stance, and alignment.

There is also an overview and a recap, and many frequently asked questions at the end of the video.

Learn the putting stroke and putting system used to win two of the toughest majors in history, the 1999 US Open and the 2007 Masters.

And learn how it will give you something to work with on the greens.

DVD Specs Chapter 1: Introduction (about 1 minute) Chapter 2: Basic Philosophy behind Pat's teaching theory and his preference for the arc putting stroke (preview free here), about 1 minute Chapter 3: The Grip: Forearms/Arm Angle/Hands/Fingers/Feel (this begins the heart of the teaching), about 6 minutes Chapter 4: Posture: Stance/Eye Position/Body Position/Set Up/Proper Fit, about 9 minutes Chapter 5: Alignment: No Tilt/Level Spine/Level Eyes/Target Line/Benefits of SeeMore System/Payne Stewart story, about 9 minutes Chapter 6: The Putting Stroke: Pre-Shot Routine/Mental Preparation/Path/Arc/Making the Putt, about 7 minutes Chapter 7: Review, about 2 minutes Ask Pat: Pat answers a series of frequently asked questions on a variety of topics Total run time aprox.

35 minutes plus the FAQ section Accessories General Information

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